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National Savings & Investments Guaranteed Income Bond, Issue 57

National Savings & Investments Guaranteed Income Bond, Issue 57

? customer score 55%

Branch access Online account Minimum saving amount Maximum saving amount Interest paid
Whether you can operate the account through a bank branch.
Whether the account can be managed online.
The minimum amount you have to keep in the account.
The maximum amount you can keep in the account.
How often interest is paid.
No Yes £500 £1,000,000 Monthly

National Savings & Investments customer satisfaction scorecard:

How do we work this out?
Clarity of statement Interest rate information Regular contact Customer service Overall customer score



We have not been able to rate this provider as our customer satisfaction survey didn't generate a big enough sample of its customers but we aim to rate as many providers as possible


Minimum age 16
Maximum age N/A
Minimum saving amount £500
Maximum saving amount £1,000,000
Minimum initial deposit £500
Restricted locations note N/A
Existing customer note N/A

Account details

Account type Fixed Term
Immediate access No
ISA transfers allowed No
Minimum regular monthly deposit N/A
Maximum regular monthly deposit N/A
Withdrawals note Before the end of the term you can cash in all or part of your Bond online, by phone or by post with no notice. We will deduct a penalty equal to 90 days’ interest on the amount you cash in. This means that if you cash in within 90 days of buying your Bond, you’ll get back less than you invested. You need to keep a balance of at least £500 to keep your Bond open. At the end of the term you can cash in with no penalty.
Notice period N/A
Fixed term 1095 days
Account fee £0
Account fee charged N/A
Part of FSCS Yes
FSCS note NS&I is backed by HM Treasury so all the money you invest will be 100% secure.
Rate guaranteed N/A

Interest rates

Interest paid Monthly
Interest paid type Compound
Bonus type N/A
Introductory bonus note N/A
Conditional bonus note N/A
From (£) To (£) AER including bonus (%) Bonus rate (%) AER excluding bonus (%) Interest type
£500 £1,000,000 1.9% 0.0% 1.9% Fixed