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Santander E-Saver 123 issue 14

Santander E-Saver 123 issue 14

? customer score 51%

Branch access Online account Minimum saving amount Maximum saving amount Interest paid
Whether you can operate the account through a bank branch.
Whether the account can be managed online.
The minimum amount you have to keep in the account.
The maximum amount you can keep in the account.
How often interest is paid.
No Yes £1 £2,000,000 Monthly

Santander customer satisfaction scorecard:

How do we work this out?
Clarity of statement Interest rate information Regular contact Customer service Overall customer score



We have not been able to rate this provider as our customer satisfaction survey didn't generate a big enough sample of its customers but we aim to rate as many providers as possible


Minimum age 16
Maximum age N/A
Minimum saving amount £1
Maximum saving amount £2,000,000
Minimum initial deposit £1
Restricted locations note N/A
Existing customer note To be eligible for this product you must either hold a Santander 1I2I3 bank account or Santander 1I2I3 Credit Card or be a Santander Select customer. If you are an additional card holder on a 1I2I3 Credit Card you are eligible to open the account.

Account details

Account type Instant Access
Immediate access Yes
ISA transfers allowed No
Minimum regular monthly deposit N/A
Maximum regular monthly deposit N/A
Withdrawals note N/A
Notice period 0 days
Fixed term N/A
Account fee £0
Account fee charged N/A
Part of FSCS Yes
FSCS note The first £85,000 per person, per UK banking licence, is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Under the UK Scheme if you have also borrowed from the failed bank or building society, the compensation will not be reduced to repay your debt. Separate arrangements will be made for this. Some banks and building societies share the same banking licence. Where this is the case, your £85,000 protection is across all the companies sharing the licence, not each individual company.
Rate guaranteed N/A

Interest rates

Interest paid Monthly
Interest paid type Paid Away or Compound
Bonus type N/A
Introductory bonus note After 12 months the account will become an Everyday Saver account currently paying 0.25% AER/Gross (variable) on balances from £1.
Conditional bonus note N/A
From (£) To (£) AER including bonus (%) Bonus rate (%) AER excluding bonus (%) Interest type
£1 £2,000,000 0.25% 0.0% 0.25% Variable